Summer Club Membership

Basketball players are made in the OFF-SEASON!!!

8 Weeks from June 27th to August 18th

Shooting & Ballhandling

*These programs follow COVID-19 protocols & procedures*

Elite Training Academy sessions are skill-specific workouts for players that want to get high level, focused instruction in a certain area of their game. These workouts are filled with intense drills with limited breaks to maximize the amount of repetitions a player can get. A great choice for the serious developing player!

Join us Mondays, March 21st through May 23rd! Shooting workouts begin at 6:00PM and Ballhandling workouts begin at 6:45PM. Pick one skill or you can sign up for both at a discounted rate to stay for the full 90-minute workout!


More Info about our Elite Training Academy:

A step up from general basketball clinics, our Elite Training Academy sessions are designed for high level boys and girls to receive the same type of elite training that our high level high school and college players receive. Sessions are offered each season and players are able to choose from different skill-specific workouts such as shooting, ball handling, etc. While these are group sessions (limited space available), these are the easiest way to receive high level instruction outside of one on one sessions and are offered on a consistent basis. Some of the Elite Training Academy offerings include (varies by season), but are not limited to:

Shooting • Ballhandling • Point Guard • Speed & Agility