Junior Risers Academy

‘Junior Risers’ features fundamental skill work, fun competitions, as well as half & full court play.

This program is the perfect way for young players to be introduced to the game of basketball. Each session focuses on building the fundamental skills required to play the game. The focus will be on passing, shooting form, footwork, dribbling, defense and more. New skills are put to the test with fun mini-games and competitions to make sure that basketball remains FUN to our young players. As the sessions progress, coaches use their discretion to introduce aspects of full and half court play, typically resulting in more and more ‘play’ as the player’s progress.

Drill & Play Clinics

Drill & Play Clinics are the most popular type of clinic for beginners and experienced players alike. These clinics typically last for an hour and feature both fundamental drills and controlled scrimmaging. While certain age groups do not always get to play full court games right away, instructors utilize competitions, mini games, as well as half court play so participants can put new skills to use!

Pre-Season Prep Clinics

PSP is the perfect way for players to get back into basketball shape before the season and get ready to start a new season, tryout for their travel or school team, or just “get some rust off”. These workouts usually feature skill development drills, team or tryout-style drills, and always end with some competitive scrimmaging. These are typically for players that have travel, school, high level rec., or equivalent experience and are offered in the Fall.

Boot Camps

Boot Camps are offered in the Fall, right before tryouts or the winter season starts. These sessions are usually offered in multiple week, weekend, or single day packages and are aimed to put players on the fast track to getting into basketball shape before the season starts. Sessions are typically a combination of skill-work drills, strength & conditioning, and some full court play. If you play a Fall sport, haven’t played in a while, or just need a boost going into the season, our Boot Camps will get you ready!