Summer Skills Training

Private skills training consists of individual, small group, or team training with a single High Rise trainer. These specialized ‘workouts’ give players from 5 years old-College an opportunity to receive the individualized and focused teaching that is harder to get in larger clinic or camp settings. Training is a great way for young players to take their game to the next level. If you want to take your game from GOOD to GREAT, playing pick-up here and there or shooting around will NOT cut it. Players need organized and focused workouts to improve on weaknesses assessed by a trainer, continue to develop pre-existing skills, and REPETITION! Our motto “Train Different” comes from the idea of separating yourself from the rest through hard work, high intensity drills, & focused training in order to go somewhere different than your peers (the highest level possible!). Whether you are a seasoned player, totally new to the sport, or just looking for some exercise, High Rise has the individual training plan for you:

**NEW** Training Program Beginning This Summer 2019!

With an aim to provide a true off-season development opportunity to players who want to train on a consistent basis, we will be starting our High Rise Summer Training Program, a 10-week program that provides up to 5 group training sessions a week, combining high level skill development training and pick-up basketball in a competitive environment. With basketball being such a unique and highly skilled sport, it is our belief that a consistent training regimen that includes high repetitions, detailed coaching, and recorded drills to measure improvement is the formula for success and achievement. Players can chose to get in the gym with High Rise coaches on a daily or weekly basis, and get a complete workout that focuses on ballhandling, shooting, finishing, scoring moves, etc., and also includes pick-up games to continue developing game feel and experience. In addition, this program is only open to players with AAU, travel, or similar experience to ensure a high level of competition and similar interest level amongst trainees. See the schedule & options below and sign up for up to 5 workouts a week starting at $20 a session!
All Training is held at our the High Rise Basketball Headquarters (75 Third Street, Stamford, CT)
Boys & Girls Ages 9 – 11
6:00pm – 7:00pm: Monday to Thursday & 10:00am: Saturdays
Girls Ages 12 – 17
7:00pm – 8:00pm: Monday to Thursday & 11:00am: Saturdays
Boys Ages 12 – 16
8:00pm – 9:00pm: Monday to Thursday & 12:00pm: Saturdays


“Teams are made during the season, BUT PLAYERS ARE MADE IN THE SUMMER!”

Individual Training

Individual training consists of 1 player and 1 coach. These highly focused sessions will allow your game to be fully analyzed. Your weaknesses will be worked on, your strengths will be improved, and new areas of your game will be brought out. If you need more attention, explanation, demonstration, or if you are the advanced player that needs someone to push you harder, this is the place for you.

Small Group Training

Small group or semi-private training consists of groups of 2-6 players. Players come together for training that are friends, are a similar position, have common goals, etc. These sessions not only allow for a fun, team-oriented workout, but also allow for some friendly competition to put new skills to the test.

Team Training

With a staff of former and current collegiate and pro players, as well as former and current travel, AAU, and high school coaches, High Rise is fully capable of running team workouts and/or practices. Whether you are looking for a team workout, a position specific workout, or a conditioning practice, we can get your team to the next level.


Our Elite Training Academy sessions, private sessions, and group sessions are held at our Elite Training Headquarters located inside of the Stamford Athletic Club at 75 Third Street in Stamford, CT.

Skills Training Pricing

Pricing is PER STUDENT and is based on each training session, which typically lasts for 1-hour. For pricing for multiple session packages over 10 sessions, please contact Bobby@

1 Student – $100/session
2 Students – $80/session
3 Students – $70/ session
4+ Students – $50/ session

10-Pack Special: $845 upfront
5-Pack Special: $450 upfront