1,000 Shot Club

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High Rise Basketball proudly presents:

The 1,000 Shot Club!!!

High Rise is a proud owner of not one, but two of the hottest basketball training aids on the market! The Shoot-A-Way Gun is the go-to training device for shooting, used by virtually all of the top college programs and NBA teams in the Country. Shoot up to 1,800 shots in just one hour, by yourself! Our “Gun” allows players, groups, or teams to shoot in a variety of ways including from one spot, multiple spots, and more! Our “Guns” are available for private & small group rentals, but is also utilized in almost all of our programs at our Training Headquarters. For those looking for more consistent access to them, please consider joining our High Rise Basketball’s 1,000 Shot Club. Details are below!

High Rise Basketball’s

1,000 Shot Club Membership

Members of our Gun Club are given exclusive access to our shooting guns when they purchase their monthly membership. For $100 a month, members can train every Friday evening with High Rise trainers in small groups. These sessions guarantee hundreds of shots taken, and will help improve shooting in a variety of game-like situations such as off the catch, off the move, and off the bounce. In order to ensure that participants can maximize the amount of shots taken per session, memberships are LIMITED so purchase yours today!